With over 15 years of experience working in the yachting industry, ProWrapping.com has a highly skilled team that specialises in vinyl wrapping for yachts and superyachts. Based in Athens, Greece, they have helped owners, shipyards and management teams worldwide to transform both the interior and exterior surfaces of yachts of all sizes.

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All beautiful and all new, seems like another boat!! Thanks Alexandros Karvelas. Excellent work with high quality vinyl. Highly recommended team with good character and nice personality.

Dimitrios Koustas, Captain of 20m to 30m Satsuok – 03/05/2018-11:06

With the new blue hull the boat is looking like new. Very good work and pleasant cooperation! Thank you.

Vasileios Spanoudakis, Wrapping of 20m to 30m Astrolavos – 01/05/2018-04:48

With the new blue hull and the tinted windows, the boat is looking like new and very modern. Very good work and pleasant cooperation! Thank you.

Reiner Hagemann, Engineer of 20m to 30m SAO – 12/03/2018-18:50

They can wrap anything! Nice work and very good knowledge of the subject. I recommend them 100%.

Alexandros Gkouveris, Owner of 20m to 30m Idea – 28/02/2018-19:58

Happy with the result aesthetically, also with the professional, detailed explanation and planning of the job. After one season the surface is as new.

Akis Tsirigakis, Owner of 20m to 30m SCARAB – 22/09/2017-10:17

Mr. Alexandros, thank you for your excellent cooperation and for the perfect result of your job. I feel like I have a new boat. Thank you.

Spiros Georgopanos, Owner of 20m to 30m Cobbi 265 – 13/09/2017-10:18

Exceptionally professional work! Thanks to mr Alexandros Karvelas and his team our yacht is now not only protected, but looks completely new as well! A job done so well in a very short time, perfected to the smallest details. I highly recommend ProWrapping to every yacht owner!

Lara Rajicic, Business owner of 20m to 30m Lara – 11/07/2017-14:47

Instead of painting my little boat, I decide to proceed a wrap to renovate her. Mr Alexandros Karvelas was the ideal professional for the job. He had very good attention to detail, gave useful advice about the colours and gave me results that are even better than a good painting. The boat now looks brand new after eleven years of use. I strongly recommend Alexandros for any wrapping work.

Nick Zammit, Owner of 20m to 30m MIRELLA – 13/06/2017-10:20

I use my yacht for charter. The difference in color helped me on rentals so much! None of the people who rent Julia noticed that she is wrapped and not painted. Excellent work with high quality vinyls. I strongly recommend Pro Wrapping team and Alexandros Karvelas!

Mohammed Emads, Business Developer of 20m to 30m Julia – 29/03/2017-08:13

My name is Nick Makris and I have a boat 60 feet of mer cruiser and recently collaborated with Alexanderos Karvelas who conducted fully transformed my boat making it look BRAND NEW, it was simple, quick and effective. Pro wrapping lifted externally and internally in some selected points. Truly everyone wondered and asked me if I got amazing NEW boat. In HIGHLY recommend this provider and for your own boat.

Nick Makris, Investor of 20m to 30m Glykeria – 28/03/2017-13:33

Thank you for your professionalism and speedy service. You gave to my boat a stylish edge. I was very sceptical in deciding whether I would paint or wrap my boat. I appreciated not only your immediate response but also the time that you spend by explaining me the procedure with all the details I needed in order to decide. It was one of my best decision because it was very hard to tell that it had been vinyl wrapped rather than painted. I would highly recommend you to others!

ΙΩΑΝΝΑ ΝΟΥΣΚΑΛΗ, Owner of 20m to 30m A&I – 19/03/2017-13:49

Thank you for wrapping our boat! Looks amazing and good as any paint job and it’s so easy to maintain! No difference between paint job or wrapping when you look at our boat. You would never guess its a wrap – Apart from big difference in price!!

Stefan Toskovic, First Mate of 20m to 30m SY Mustique – 26/09/2016-11:23